World Health Care Follow Up – The Perils of Custard Creams

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coffeebreak1In other timely world news, the Telegraph posted this stimulating bit, revealing that coffee and tea breaks can be hazardous to your health.  It also taught me about the all-important Biscuit Injury Threat Evaluation (BITE) measure.  I am not sure if this is peculiar to the UK, where tea time may make up a greater proportion of one’s time, or if it is a global phenomenon.  What is amazing to me is the variety of injuries occurring during these perilous breaks.  The research undertaken by Mindlab International on behalf of Rocky*, a chocolate biscuit bar,  produced this list of potential mishaps:
  • getting poked in the eye with a biscuit
  • falling off a chair
  • being bitten by an animal
  • getting stuck in wet concrete

It also found that Custard Creams are the riskiest of all biscuits.  From now on I will stick with Jaffa Cakes, the safest of all.

Have you been injured by a biscuit or, more seriously, have you experienced the health care system of the UK personally?  We would love to hear your stories.

*Not to be confused with a brand of Viagra® in India also called Rocky.  As TV viewers in the U.S. well-know,  this product carries its own unique risks.


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