U.S. Passport Fees to Increase on July 13th


Fees for U.S. Passports increase substantially in less than a week.  Currently, adult fees for the standard Passport Book are $100 for a new one and $75 for renewals.  These fees rise to $135 and $110, respectively.  For children the increases are also large.  Current fees are $85 for new passports or renewals; this will go up to $105.

Some other fees are also going up or are being charged for the first time – additional pages for your book used to be free but are now $82, and the file search fee has gone up from $60 to $150.  The file search is required when an applicant is unable to present proof of citizenship.

All of the details can be found at the U.S. Department of State’s web site – new fees and current rates.

We put together a simple chart to highlight the changes (see below). 

The State Department’s main page for passports can answer all of your questions about passports – when you need one, how to get one fast, what to do when you lose one, etc.  Get prepared for your next fun, international trip and save some money by doing it this week!


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  1. Andy Orr

    July 12, 2010 5:15 pm

    I think the increases are happening primarily to cover greater costs to process and produce the passports. Since 2006, passports have included an embedded chip which requires a heftier, and I assume, more expensive cover.


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