basichtbimage5The good news this week:   Europe is very close to approving an H1N1 vaccine, and the rapping doctor won the video contest run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

The not-so-good news comes from Sanjay Gupta (CNN) and Kate Dailey (Newsweek).  They both came down with H1N1 flu, but there is a bright side.  They both report that H1N1 is a lot like the regular flu, and they recovered fully within a few days.  Hopefully, this will help quell people’s fear of contracting it.  Here’s our wrap up: 

World Health Organization’s (WHO) updates on global H1N1 activity.

Two H1N1 vaccines have been recommended for approval in Europe.

Follow up to the video contest – the rapping doctor won!!! 

Sanjay Gupta gets H1N1.

Kate Dailey of Newsweek gets the cold shoulder from co-workers after contracting H1N1.  

What was your favorite story this week?


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  1. The travel industry has been hit hard enough this year with the recession hitting business travel in particular. The press, in their usual manner of over-hyping every incident, fail to understand or probably even care what damage they can do. This flu is no worse than the flu we see every year. Can you remember Edwina Curry? Egg sales fell by 60% after she said that most of the country’s egg production was infected by salmonella and she was forced to resign. Many thousands of businesses went to the wall because of her comments.

  2. I felt so bad for Sanjay Gupta being so sick away from home. Glad he’s better, I like him.

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