healthy travel companionEither Fitbit has a runaway hit on their hands, or they have run into production problems.  With no updates on their blog since September, we are left wondering why the shipping date for new orders keeps slipping.  Last week their site had mid-December as the ship date for new orders; today it says January 31st.  I am afraid that without the Fitbit Tracker to help, most New Year’s resolutions will have been broken by the time this cool activity tracker arrives.  Where is the openness that the blog used to display?  Come on guys, give us a little insight into what is happening.

If you just can’t wait for the Fitbit and don’t mind not tracking your sleeping habits, check out DirectLife from Philips.  It tracks all your movement throughout the day and once you upload the collected information to your computer, it will provide you with your activity patterns and give personalized advice and motivation.  The product is available in the U.S. and the Netherlands and through tomorrow, it is available for only $79. This price includes the first four months of membership. The normal membership fee is $12.50/month.

Do you think this kind of tool will work for you?


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  1. I have been watching the fitbit closely as well and I am dismayed that the date keeps slipping as well, I didn’t place an order, waiting to see what the quality was like on the initial deliveries, from their own forums, the results looks mixed. Some quality issues with the hardware and questions about the accuracy of its sleep and step counter form the reports.

    And now if they aren’t able to deliver like they said for the end of October, I won’t place an order. I have the directlife, but haven’t been very motivated by it. I lost it recently and need to contact them to see if they will replace it. I think I will stick with the established leader in this field for now. BodyMedia has been selling for years and I feel that thier bodybugg or gowearfit is much more accurate and reliable, while pricier, it is worth the extra expense.

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