healthy travel blogThe news from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) this week is encouraging.  It appears that H1N1 activity has temporarily peaked, with 43 states reporting widespread activity (down from 46 last week).  However, the CDC also cautions that the numbers could pick back up after the holidays when the seasonal flu usually takes off.  In an effort to remind people to take steps to prevent their chances of catching anything,  the CDC has launched the Travel Health Campaign–posters,  e-cards and specific information for those studying abroad during flu season.  In addition, offers several widgets that can be distributed to help spread the word.

In case you are traveling this week, here is the WHO’s worldwide situation update indicating disruption of healthcare services due to the flu.    

Hopefully anyone with flu-like symptoms will stay homes holiday, but in case they don’t, here are some tips to protect yourself.  Wash your hands frequently, keep your hands away from your eyes and face and avoid contact with anyone who appears to be sick.

Happy travels!


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