Culture Shock! A Survival Guide to Medical SafetyIn our post, Show Your Respect and Savoir Faire: Learn the Local Customs, we introduced the Culture Shock series as a useful source for you to consult before taking a journey overseas.   Recently, one of our contracted physicians, Dr. Paul E. Zakowich, published a new title in that series: Culture Shock! A Survival Guide to Medical Safety.  This addition to the series covers the medical topics you need to consider when traveling anywhere in the world.

What makes this guide particularly useful is its clear organization which makes it easy to navigate through the contents quickly to find the information you need.  It takes you from the early stages of planning for your trip in terms of medical examinations and vaccinations, to diseases and environmental hazards that you could encounter in specific destinations.

Dr. Zakowich, a former medical advisor to the U.S. Embassy in Singapore, currently treats patients from all over the globe. This experience enables him to provide you with an answer for the “what ifs” before you even think to ask the question.  In addition to addressing the physical needs of a traveler, he addresses the mental ones through topics such as managing stress, securing travel medical insurance and even handling children on a long flight.

This guide is thorough and easy to read.  Pick up a copy as a holiday gift for that special global traveler in your life!


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