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We woke up this morning to the horrifying images of the earthquake that hit Haiti last night. The scope of it is too large to grasp, and many people are trying to make sense of the loss and destruction, wondering whether any hope lingers over the city of Port-au-Prince today.

Some people are scrambling to find information on family members living in Haiti, and others are struggling to find a way to help.  The Haitians who survived the earthquake and the aftershocks are now grappling with loss on an enormous scale, grieving for friends and family and exposed to the elements without clean water or shelter.  So today and in the days ahead, take a moment to reflect that regardless of your situation, you should be grateful for what you have. Take a moment to pray that these people will find comfort and hope. Take a moment to donate more than you may be comfortable giving.   Just take a moment.

(A quick search on the internet turned up several outlets for donations such as The Red Cross, Global Giving and this detailed list from


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  1. Having lived through a number of hurricanes, the reality is that not only are these folks suffering now, but they will be suffering for many years to come.It will take years and an enormous amount of funds to rebuild the infrastructure, not to mention building dwellings, schools, and stores. One can only hope that the internatinal community continues to supprt the people in Haiti. Then, one can only hope that they will have leadership that supports the people of Haiti.

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