Back in November, I posted about our first iPhone app, mPassport Paris, and I am happy to announce that we now have an additional seventeen (17) available in the store.  The new destinations are (grouped somewhat geographically):

  • Barcelona, Budapest, Dublin, London, Madrid, Prague, Vienna
  • Cape Town, Nairobi
  • Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, Quito
  • Bermuda, Nassau
  • Beijing, Hong Kong

Next week, Rome and Florence should also go live.  The old post sums up the apps well, and we have made many improvements since then.  All will soon be iPad compatible, and (drum roll please) all are free for now.  So don’t wait to get one or more of these on your phone.

Finally, the mPassport tools and services are available on a worldwide basis through a subscription.  This gives you access through mobile and desktop web sites that should work on any device.  Learn more about this at

We would love to hear about your experiences using mPassport so get out there and get sick (ok, just play with it and tell us what you think).


About The Author

Andrew Orr, Jr. serves as a Special Projects Director. Andy is responsible for taking the product development lead for certain large products being launched, including HTH Mobile and HTH Appointment Scheduling. Andy has an extensive entrepreneurial and technical background. He has served as HTH IT Director in the past as well as president of a number of entrepreneurial businesses. Andy earned his Master of Business Administration from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and his Bachelor of Science degree from Yale University.

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