The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting that 171 cases of acute flaccid paralysis, the most common sign of acute polio, have been reported in Tajikistan since January.  It appears that all the current cases are coming from the south-west part of the country which borders Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.  Of the 171 cases, 32 have been confirmed wild poliovirus 1 cases; results are pending for the rest.

The government of Tajikistan is planning a three step program to immunize all the children in the area.  If you are traveling to Tajikistan or any other polio-affected area, be sure to follow the WHO’s recommendation for vaccination.  There are two types of vaccine available, inactivated (IPV) and oral (OPV), and travelers headed into or out of an infected-country should receive a full course of the vaccine as described in Chapter six, page 107 of the WHO’s International Travel and Health Guide.

(Thank you for the photo, Olga!)


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