A disturbing story from England hit the news this week.   A mother took her five month old boy to the beach where the powerful rays of the sun left him severely burned on over 40% of his body.  The fact that several people intervened to get the infant out of the sun and into care shows that most people recognize that the beach is no place for a newborn.  But with summer coming, it’s important for everyone to remember just how powerful the sun can be.  In case you need a reminder, check out CNN’s collage of bad sunburns.  

In addition to the threats of sunburn and sun poison, dehydration is also a serious risk for anyone who spends too much time in the sun. How much sun a person can tolerate depends on their age, their skin and their overall health.   So in addition to the necessary supplies including water, suntan lotion, sunglasses and a hat, be sure to bring your common sense with you when you hit the beach with or without your family this summer.

Photo by Dave Gray.


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