Last August, we blogged about the increase in jellyfish encounters around the world – especially citing abundant reports from Spain and the surrounding Mediterranean region.  This issue has resurfaced (pun intended!) one year later as reports rolled in this week that the number of swimmers on Spain’s Costa Blanca reporting jellyfish stings has leaped from a typical five to nearly 400 per day.

Marine scientists do not expect these numbers to drop soon or the trend to reverse. Fishing boats are working to haul large masses of the creatures away from swimmers, and the Spanish government is taking steps to educate beach goers to the risk of stings and the art of post-sting care. But as long as water temperatures continue to warm and excessive numbers of natural jellyfish predators are pulled from the waters, there is no sure way to stem the wave of stinging blobs .

Jellyfish can pop up anywhere so whether you’re at the Jersey Shore or the Costa Blanca, be aware of who is sharing the ocean with you.

Photo by Marie Axelsson.


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