From one of my favorite sites, Book of Odds, comes an interesting article about Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS), a very rare case of a person’s accent or language skills changing suddenly due to head trauma, strokes or even severe migraines. 

The stories are disturbing and somewhat amusing to those not affected — a Croatian girl waking up from a coma no longer able to speak in her native tongue but able to speak fluently in a language she had only just started to study, or someone from England waking up to speak with a French accent.

How does this relate to healthy travel? you might ask.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to trigger these changes on command when arriving at a destination?  Of course, this is a stretch even for someone who believes in the vast potential of stem cell research. 

Book of Odds estimates the chances of suffering from FAS in a given year are approximately 1 in 6 billion, so for now, intrepid travelers should rely on the growing number of translation applications, tools or guides designed for smart phones.  Which ones have you used, and how did they work?

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