Mount Merapi erupted just before dusk on Tuesday, shaking the region and spawning more than 600 earthquakes.  According to a New York Times report, the eruption killed at least 29 people, and many others are being treated for respiratory issues and severe burns.  Tens of thousands of people have been driven from their homes, many of which no longer stand.  The area is covered in a white volcanic ash.  Officials are currently unsure if Merapi has ceased erupting or if larger explosions are imminent.  Meanwhile, police and volunteers are monitoring checkpoints surrounding the area to prevent locals from returning to their homes.


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Christie Erdman, a guest contributor to the Healthy Travel blog, is a recent graduate of the University of Richmond with a degree in Economics and Marketing. She enjoys traveling, and had the opportunity to spend a semester studying at Universita Bocconi in Milan, Italy during her junior year.

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