Are you preparing for a study abroad program? Do you know someone who is? HTH Worldwide, a global health and safety services company, recently released on YouTube an educational video series called Health and Safety Abroad.  Dr. Frank Gillingham, medical director for HTH Worldwide, created this video series to help study abroad participants prepare for their experience. These video vignettes, cover how to avoid or manage serious health and safety issues that confront students abroad:  Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Illegal Drugs, Mental Illness, Chronic Illness, STDs, Jet Lag, Traveler’s Diarrhea, Sun Exposure, Malaria, Motion Sickness, Water Hazards, Altitude Sickness and Security.

Dr. Gillingham presents the material personally in an entertaining and engaging manner because he knows that, “many students will be interested in making sure their study abroad experience is as memorable as possible.  It is my hope that they will pay attention to this information because a little knowledge and preparation will enable students to enjoy a positive and rewarding experience.”

Many universities have already started including these videos in their pre-departure training programs and are recognizing their value.  David Larsen, formerly Executive Director of Arcadia University’s Center for Education Abroad notes, “This video series is terrific!  It covers many important topics with unbiased, factual information delivered in a manner that today’s students should welcome.  It’s an important contribution to education abroad.  Thanks to Dr. Gillingham and to HTH for preparing these pieces and making them broadly available.”

You can find the series, broken down by segment, on HTH Worldwide’s YouTube channel.  Share them with anyone you know preparing for a study abroad experience – a little preparation goes a long way.


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