Like gadgets? Like to travel? You’ll like today’s links.

Yesterday, The New York Times blog “Gadgetwise” posted App Picks from the Times’s Travel Columnist.  The author briefly reviews five Droid apps that help travelers manage the basic logistics of traveling – arrangements, roaming charges, translations, etc. (If she was covering iPhone apps, mPassport, the mobile medical travel companion, certainly should have made the list.)

If you or someone you know is singing the winter blues, drown them out with Valkee’s bright light headset – but keep in mind “it’s not used for listening to music. It’s used for bright light therapy.”  

Readers heading to a developing country, a relief situation, or those who are just into hiking and sports check out “the pumpkin.” It turns into a carriage – for clean water.

Backpackers and other travelers who have questions about an upcoming trip should check out this post from foXnoMad covering five questions commonly asked by novices. And if you are looking for an answer to his fifth question on travel insurance, check out   

The Wall Street Journal published their 2010 airline rankings this week – find out if bigger is better in this post.


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