There’s a lot going on in the world of travel this week – hopefully at least one of these tips, ratings or apps will help make planning for your next trip a little easier.

Tips and Trends

Crisis in Tunisia proves Twitter is the best, and worst, way to follow breaking news

Flight Canceled? How to Get a Cot, Food, a Shower and the Fastest Flight Out.

C’est la Fee: New Hassles for Travelers – “Travelers now face higher transaction fees and more-aggressive fraud detection systems when they use their credit and debit cards abroad.” 

Delta Lets Passengers Name a Price for Bumping

Draining a Snow Globe for Flight – Snow globe collectors find a way around the TSA’s ban 

Imagine Volunteering at Feynan EcoLodge – A career break for those who need a break from technology and social networking.


New lists from Trip Advisor help travelers make better decisions relating to flight plans and accommodations:
Airline rating system

Dirties hotels in the world

Best hotels in the world


New Initiative Harnesses Smartphones to Help Keep Heart Attack Victims Alive

Free iPhone Apps Helping Huffington Post Blogger Get through China


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