The following advice was provided by Altegrity Risk International, a provider of high-quality investigative, analytic, consulting and security services to business around the world:

At the moment, it is recommended that travelers follow the state department advisories, which advise against travel to Egypt.   So far the state department is offering voluntary evacuations but has not begun mandatory evacuations.  Clients of ARI are advised to only evacuate if they can safely do so; and if they can’t, all foreign nationals should obey the curfew and stay indoors if possible.  There have already been reports of chaos at the Cairo airport, so foreign nationals should not head to the airport unless they have already secured a safe route to the airport and a flight out of the country, otherwise it is best to sit tight. 

We will post updates as they become available; the latest advisories from the U.S. State Department can be found on their website:


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