Want to support nations that care about the environment, human rights and the global community? Check out the latest Top Ten listing as compiled by ethicaltraveler.org. (To see our report on their 2009/2010 list, click here.)  Now after another round of extensive research into policies and practices that conserve natural resources and “sustain and empower local communities”, the 2011 selections are official. The chart below cites an important reason why each country made the list, but countries needed to score well in multiple categories to be recognized.

As the authors note, “Travelers today have access to far more information than we did even ten years ago. We can observe—almost in real time—the impact that smart or selfish choices, by governments and individuals, have on rainforests and reefs, cultures and communities.” With knowledge comes responsibility. We can support these efforts with our tourism dollars, and explore South and Central America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. It’s not easy to stand out among the 200 countries of the world. As you plan your travels this year, consider putting together an itinerary that represents a recognition of the big strides these nations have taken.

Top Ten Ethical Travel Destinations–2011 (alphabetical order)
*also recognized in 2010
Argentina*   Legislation to protect glaciers
Barbados   Developing a green economy
Chile*   Sustainable fishery and foresty
Costa Rica   Leader in environmental policy
Dominica   Strong environmental protection
Latvia   Low child mortality rate
Lithuania*   Fighting human trafficking
Palau   Dolphin, shark and whale sanctuary
Poland*   Responsible water management
Uruguay   Sustainable agriculture

Photo by reemer.


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