As a desperate power struggle unfolds in Libya, its neighbors fear hundreds of thousands may flee across the Mediterranean to seek asylum in Italy, Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta and Spain. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said the region should brace for a “biblical exodus” because one-third of Libya’s population—2.5 million people—are recent immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa who are now caught in a society reduced to bitter tribal rivalries. Dangerously exposed, they may choose to flee north rather than return to their home countries. Many Mediterranean ports of call may see a heavy influx of refugees in the near term, straining social services and perhaps requiring the United Nations to help create camps and processing centers.


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  1. Dear Mike,

    Your portrayal of Libya as a “society reduced to bitter tribal rivalries” is simply wrong. This view illustrates you (the writer) didn’t spend any time actually trying to understand what’s happening in my country (Libya), there is no “tribal rivalry” here, there’s a united people sacrificing lives to rid themselves of the ruthless dictator that oppressed us for more than 4 decades. Your portrayal is nothing short of insulting.

    Thank you to spend some time reading and understanding what’s happening in my country before writing about it.


    • I stand corrected, Aladin. Since we posted this piece, I have learned a lot about Libyans’ courage and tenacity and believe your struggle will succeed.

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