Spring break is coming. If you’re looking for information to help with the planning of your trip or staying healthy enough to enjoy it, check out these recent bits of news.

 Planning a Trip?

Have you been avoiding traveling by air because you worry about the what ifs? Take comfort in knowing that last year marked the safest year ever for major airlines.  Find out which day in the best for purchasing airline tickets in this article from The Wall Street Journal – Whatever You Do, Don’t Buy an Airline Ticket On …  And if the pockets of political instability and extreme weather conditions have you wondering what to do about plans you’ve already made, read this piece from Foxnomad.com.

Getting Ready to Travel?

The New York Times advises How Not to Get Sick from a Flight.  MSNBC offers 10 tips to Stay Healthy and Happy on Long Flights. And Fox News highlights The Worst Rookie Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them.


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