For most of us, it’s unimaginable to think that you might have to live without a mobile phone for even a couple of hours – and that includes when you’re traveling internationally. More and more, your smartphone is an invaluable travel tool.

For this reason BlackBerry owners have to be concerned with the avalanche of bad news surrounding Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry mobile devices. With the company struggling, you have to wonder if they can keep pace with the iPhone and Android operating systems. And now comes word that BlackBerry is “under siege” in Europe. The New York Times reports that BlackBerry is losing market share to Samsung’s Droid phones, especially in Europe. A second report from another research firm says that BlackBerry is still the top-selling phone in the United Kingdom, although Samsung Droid phones are gaining fast. One of BlackBerry’s strongest attributes is the high level of security they offer. Once Android and iOS can match that level, they will likely absorb even more of the market share.

For BlackBerry-toting travelers, the concern isn’t that your individual device will suddenly stop working. But, if BlackBerry ceases to be competitive with iOS and Android, it’s reasonable to be concerned about the long term viability of the entire platform. So, the short term answer to the question of whether your BlackBerry will work in Europe is “yes.” But long term … might just be another matter.

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  1. sounds interesting, but i can’t agree with you.

  2. Hi,
    This is fact, every person will move to top most gadgets available, England alone is not the exception, all country will go to i-phone, android phones, since the facilities available are simply exceptional. RIM will be developing some most efficient phone in the near future.

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