Earth Day – the day set aside to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s environment, is less than three weeks away – April 22nd. There are plenty of ways to honor the occasion; community clean-ups are obviously popular.

And it’s a great opportunity for a weekend ecotourism getaway. Ecotourism focuses on socially responsible travel, personal growth, and environmental sustainability. As we’ve written about in the past, it’s an increasingly popular way to vacation. An ecotourism vacation can be very rejuvenating, and get you into the sustainable spirit of Earth Day.

But where to go? Here are five eco-destinations that you’ll love (assuming you’re willing to unplug):

  1. Findhorn, Scotland. This is the United Kingdom’s largest eco-village. This small town started in 1985 and is a remarkable example of large-scale carbon-neutral living. Findhorn has 61 ecologically-friendly buildings made form materials such as recycled tires, straw and natural, non-toxic materials.
  2. The Mudhouse, Sri Lanka. Hidden away in a forest, the Mudhouse is an eco-lodge made from mud and coconut leaves. There’s no electricity or hot water, but plenty of spectacular wildlife to watch, lakes for swimming and villages to explore.
  3. Samasati Nature Retreat, Costa Rica. The hotel sits in the midst of 250 acres of virgin forest and was built without any land clearing. This is a great spot to get back to nature and enjoy activities such as bird-watching, kayaking and horseback riding.
  4. Daintree EcoLodge, Australia. Right in the middle of the world’s oldest rainforest, DainTree’s lodge is made up of a series of treehouses built out of natural materials. The well-regarded spa features local plants and herbs known for their healing properties. As an added benefit, Daintree benefits local Aboriginal peoples.
  5. Guludo Beach Lodge, Mozambique. Hit the beach in Mozambique! Guludo has seven miles of deserted white powder
    beaches and accommodations that Thurston Howell III would’ve enjoyed. And whether you’re lying on the beach or snorkeling, you’re helping the locals – Guludo’s charitable foundation has helped improve local school attendance by 350 percent, provided access to safe drinking water for 15,000 people and supplied 10,000 women and children with mosquito nets.

There are dozens and dozens of other spectacular ecotourism destinations that you may want to try. And if the concept of traveling green seems appealing, try a free membership to The International Ecotourism Society, which provides ongoing travel ideas and tips.


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