It’s a dream for many of us to someday take a trip around the world, but finding the time and the money to be able to do so is holding back most of us. But German journalist Michael Wigge has solved one of those two seemingly insurmountable problems – money. And, no, it’s not because he won the German lottery. Quite the opposite, in fact. For his 150-day, four continent, 11-country journey – Wigge spent no money. As in “zero cents.”  Not one red deutschemark.

Wigge tells his tale in his new book How To Travel The World For Free. He hitchhiked, biked, worked as a crewmember on container ships, hung out with homeless people and even scavenged for food in grocery store dumpsters. Remember this the next time the water pressure in the shower isn’t quite right.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money than Wigge, but still have to keep to a budget, then check out this New York Times article on the best time to purchase airline tickets.  Michelle Higgins reports that you’ll get the best prices to Europe if you buy your tickets five months ahead of time; ticket prices to the Caribbean are at their lowest three months ahead of time.

We told you weeks ago that Pinterest was a useful tool in planning a trip, but it seems others are catching on. Travel Weekly reports that travel companies are seeing the potential in the fast-growing social network.

CNNGO’s Jade Bremner runs down the globe’s 50 best places to go scuba diving.  It’s a great list of the best places to see exotic sea life and historic ship wrecks.

A grand hotel in France is now in the spotlight, and attracting at least a few curious tourists – we’re talking about the Hôtel Carlton de Lille, where Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly took part in a prostitution scandal.

They may not have $1 Billion like Instagram, but TechCrunch reports that photo-sharing app Jetpac, built specifically for travelers, is getting traction.

USA Today has a list of 10 “boutique airlines” that offer service way better than the big carriers.

At the Wall Street Journal, interior designer Ed Ng discusses the ups and downs of frequent travel, and his quest for a stylish airport lounge.


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