If you feel like there’s a lot of turmoil in the world, the World Travel and Tourism Council shares your concern. As reported by Travel Weekly at the 2012 WT&TC Summit in Japan this past week, the organization expressed its concerns about these “exceptionally turbulent” times, citing “the debt crises, democratic uprisings around the globe, the unpredictable global economy and concerns over the future of global institutions such as the European Currency Union.”

Despite those realities, the WT&TC is projecting continued growth for tourism around the world – they’re projecting four percent annual growth. That means that by the year 2022 travel and tourism will be a $10 trillion global business. And that’s because people like you and me don’t intend to stay home, no matter the global turbulence.

What it does mean is that travelers need to remain vigilant – not paranoid, but vigilant. You need to use tools such as mPassport and keep an eye on global news through mainstream news organizations. Or, you could just check out this recent list of the best places to escape world conflict.

There were some great articles this week with lists: Earth Day is this weekend. Two weeks ago we wrote about eco-vacations; this Friday, USA Today has a list of 10 eco-lodges you should check out. Smithsonian magazine has a great photo gallery of the best places to surf in the world. In China, they do some wacky things with their hotels. CNNGO’s Jade Bremner rounds up the 10 weirdest hotel rooms in China. Check out the prison room, or maybe the world’s longest laundry chute!

At the Wall Street Journal’s Road Warrior blog, former Miss Universe pageant official Inés Ligron talks about how to look great when you’re traveling all the time. Even if you follow Ligron’s advice and look fabulous in the airport, you probably are not too keen on lingering in long security lines. The New York Times’ Christine Negroni rounds up the best services available to help you speed through those lines, and maybe even keep your shoes on.

And for some of you, this might be cause for grave concern. Laura Bly at USA Today reports that the Netherlands is considering a proposal that would prevent foreign visitors from buying marijuana. Coffee shop owners in the famously tolerant country are concerned about what the law could mean for their business, and are fighting the plan. Plan accordingly.


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  1. Great article John. Thanks for sharing data about the expansion of the travel market over the next decade. Great stuff!

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