Food! We’ve written about the significant role food plays in the countries and cultures we visit, and we’ve also written about eating healthily and with food allergies when abroad. And this week, there was a lot of conversation about discovering food around the world.

Anne Banas of offers up a great photo gallery on the 17 best food markets in the world. These are must-visit places – marketplaces that offer up great food, but also tremendous insight into local culture, cuisine and personality. You can buy berries in Switzerland, fruit in Chile, spices in Martinique and sushi in Kyoto. Or, you can hang off to the side and watch people, which would be extremely educational.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Paris, there is a burgeoning American gastro-invasion. No, really. And, it’s being led in large part by food trucks on the streets. The New York Times’ Julia Moskin reports on new Parisian landmarks such as the artisanal taco truck Cantine California, where hipsters line up for a taste of the West Coast, or the burger truck La Camion de Fume. Can you believe it? Burgers on the streets of Paris!

Speaking of Paris, no list of the ten most loved cities in the world would be complete without it. At CNNGO, Jordan Rane lists the cities that inspire the most passion among travelers, even though he doesn’t have too difficult a time pointing out their imperfections.

Here’s smart advice on what to do about your wallet when you’re traveling – money tips from Susan Stellin at the New York Times. She points out that you’d be wise to update your credit card to meet the technology being used around the globe.

London is gearing up for the onslaught of tourists headed there for the Olympics. A report this week showed that there will be 31 percent more tourists in London this summer. Other European cities, such as Amsterdam and Paris, are feeling an uptick in bookings as visitors plan on extending their visit across the Continent.

Does size matter? If it does, all hail the Great Wall of China. We already knew it was the biggest man-made structure on Earth, but no one had any idea just how big. A new survey of the Wall showed that it’s more than 13,000 miles long – more than twice as long as previously thought.

And, as Father’s Day approaches, here’s a gift idea for the man who has everything: a trip to train with the cosmonauts in Russia. Sign me up!

Photo by Ndecam via Flickr. CC Attribution.


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