Patricia Schultz’s New York Times Bestseller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die was recently updated with 200 new places and reprinted in full-color. This monumental travel publication provides travelers with a thorough check sheet of goals fit for the adventure-hungry.

Schultz indulges the reader in a mix of popular tourist destinations and unheard of places, presenting them in a simple, easy-to-follow manner.  The book is divided into eight regional sections, further divided by country, and ultimately into the specific places. Schultz then briefly summarizes each location and cites restaurants, hotels, and other vital information to be used by travelers. One great feature of this book is that it breaks down many typical tourist locations (Rome, Madrid, etc.) into manageable sections, including top attractions and places to stay. This alleviates much of the stress travelers experience while thinking about a trip to a major metropolitan center. Other cities, like Dublin and Jerusalem, are divided into two or three districts, for there is so much to do in each of these urban areas. There are hundreds of color photos depicting scenes from even the most rural areas, allowing readers to see places with their own eyes that they have never even heard of. These photos are quite small, but are complemented by impressive amounts of information.

1,000 Places successfully develops a deep wanderlust in the heart of any traveler. It can easily be described as a traveler’s bible, not only for its size, but because of the inspiration it delivers to travelers wanting to embrace the world around them.  You can also download the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die app to browse places, tag destinations and connect with other travelers in your network.

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Author: Corrie Purvis
Corrie Purvis is a guest writer for the Healthy Travel Blog. She is currently a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech where she is majoring in both communication and international studies. Post-graduation, she hopes to work and live abroad while pursuing a career involving writing.


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