The summer vacation season is in full swing, and that means relaxing and letting loose for a lot of people. And, hey, why not? We could use a break, right? Vacation is a time to sleep in, stay up late, eat and/or drink a little too much, and generally cut yourself some slack.

For most people, exercise slips pretty quickly down the vacation to-do list. But staying in shape while you’re away – or not falling too far out of your regimen – can, believe it or not, make that trip more enjoyable. And that was a focus in the media this week, as reporters and writers try to offer up news you can use.

At CNN, Adrienne LeGier, one of seven viewers training for a triathlon, writes about how best to stay in shape while on vacation. The key for her is resisting temptation – temptation to eat the wrong things, temptation to skip workouts, temptation to do nothing; basically, the same temptations you face when you’re not on vacation. LeGier advises vacationers to make sure they plan exercise, and also to involve family members in exercise sessions.

At the Wall Street Journal, triathlete Whit Raymond talks about getting exercise when you’re traveling (subscription required). Raymond will spend 146 days on airplanes this year, so he knows some tricks about sneaking in a workout.

Hiking is one great way to get some exercise and still enjoy your vacation – you can see the sights while getting some physical activity. It helps if the scenery is spectacular – Eric Sylvers at the New York Times takes us on a hiking tour of Italy’s volcanoes.

Air New Zealand is running a contest that will push the boundary of what some folks are willing to share – they’re asking travelers to upload pictures of their fully-packed suitcases to  the Air New Zealand Facebook page. Winners of the “I Am Packed” contest can win two free flights from Los Angeles to London.

The U.S. Department of Transportation refused to give airlines any more time to comply with two new rules about disclosing baggage allowances and fees. The airlines have argued that reprogramming their systems takes time, but Travel Weekly reports that DOT says tough – it needs to be done by July 24th.

The east coast of Africa is a seductive place – it’s beautiful, but can be dangerous. A wrong turn can turn out badly. At the Financial Times, Carole Cadwalladr writes about the fascinating island of Mozambique, where she discovers an economy that seems to be on the rise, beautiful beaches, ancient buildings … and, at least in some places, very few people.

And – forgetting that stay in shape mantra from above – here are some great places to kick back and relax – CNNGO runs down 50 awesome rooftop bars. Just don’t overdo it.


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