For those heading to the Games, CNN’s Becky Anderson reports on how to navigate London without offending anyone. And at CNNGO, Barry Neild offers an insider’s guide on important things such as avoiding pork scratchings and chuggers.

Another way to ingratiate yourself to hosts or other locals when you’re traveling abroad is to be able to speak the language. At least un peu, oui? There are many different ways to prep for your trip by learning a language – some tutorial systems are free, some cost hundreds of dollars. The New York Times’ Stephanie Rosenbloom runs down the best language learning systems.

For the Wall Street Journal’s Road Warrior feature (mandatory reading), Patrick Brzeski interviews venture capitalist Andrew Teoh about his frequent travels to find out how he survives on the road. Teoh has an interesting remedy for jet lag – he doesn’t sleep. I dare you to try that.

Here is some potentially very exciting news from drug maker Sanofi. Reuters reports on Sanofi’s new vaccine for dengue fever, the mosquito-borne disease. Sanofi just finished a successful clinical trial for the new vaccine, which could be big news for people who live in – and travel to – tropical locations, especially major cities from South America to Africa to Asia. It’s estimated that 100 million people contract dengue fever each year.

Researchers at M.I.T. have identified what they say are the ten U.S. airports most likely to spread a disease outbreak. New York’s JFK Airport was most likely, followed my Los Angeles International. Interestingly, Honolulu International Airport ranked third, even though it only carries about 30 percent of the traffic of JFK. The reason is its place in the airline ecosystem – it’s a gateway between North America and Asia.

USA Today’s Jayne Clark takes a trip to the spectacular scenery of Newfoundland, home to whales, puffins and, apparently, fairies. And at Travel Weekly, Abe Peck has an interesting exploration of Tibet, a historically mystical place that is now caught between worlds.


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