If you travel a lot for business, you probably consider yourself a true Road Warrior – someone who knows the nuances of specific airports, who understands how battle through fatigue and how to ensure that you’re always at (or at least close to) the top of your game. Well, here’s someone better at it than you – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Conde Nast Traveler’s Kevin Doyle spent nine grueling days on the road with Secretary Clinton, and came away amazed at her whirlwind life. Granted, the Secretary has some advantages over other business travelers, such as her own plane.

While the presidential candidates talk about the economy, Medicare and jobs-jobs-jobs, Frugal Traveler Seth Kugel offers a policy platform on travel to both candidates – Kugel has nine recommendations for the candidates to make the world easier for travelers who may not have the Secretary of State’s built-in advantages.

Last week we wrote about the anniversary of one of the greatest inventions in the history of travel – the jet airliner. This week, perhaps an even greater invention celebrates a birthday – USA Today’s Jayne Clark writes about the 25th anniversary of the introduction of rolling suitcases.

At the New York Times, Stephanie Rosenbloom writes about one of our favorite topicshow to overcome jet lag.

Searching the web for travel information and ideas is often about trying to figure out what other people think of a place. And so search giant Google is getting into the travel biz. Last year, Google bought Zagat’s; now Google has acquired Frommers. Google says its goal is to “provide a review for every relevant place in the world.”

France may be a little more welcoming for tourists this year. The Associated Press reports that Paris’ public transit agency has launched an advertising campaign to fight back against that notorious French trait, rudeness.

With the Olympics concluded in London, Monday was getaway day for a lot of people. And we mean A LOT of people – a record 137,000 passengers departed from Heathrow Airport Monday. At CNN, Lauren Said-Moorhouse takes a look at that record and other record-setting airports around the world.


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