The headlines scream things about horrifying illnesses and diseases that can seem terrifying – flesh-eating bacteria, ebola, hantavirus, etc. When you’re preparing for a trip abroad, these headlines can turn a little trepidation into full-blown paranoia – what if I catch some hideous brain-devouring disease while I’m on that safari? But as the Wall Street Journal’s Heidi Mitchell writes, the chances of catching something really hideous when you’re traveling are pretty low.

On the other hand, the chances of you getting sick with something like diarrhea are high – you have a 50-50 chance of coming down with something that is inconvenient and uncomfortable while traveling. The big worry is the middle ground – the more prevalent and potentially very dangerous conditions such as malaria and dengue fever.

There’s some great advice in here – before traveling abroad, check in with your doctor for a “pre-travel consult.” This is a chance for your doctor to assess your risks based upon your destination and general state of health, and to make sure you up-to-date with vaccines and have any preventative medications that could be needed, depending on where you’re headed.

Also from the Journal, Darrell Hartman visits Istanbul and writes about surviving the Turkish Bath experience.

Meet George Jetson! CNNGO’s Sanday Chongo Kabange offers some fearless predictions about the future of travel, including flying cars, superfast trains and vacations in space.

We’ve written in the past about social travel, and now there’s a new niche within this niche – social business travel. At CNN, Tim Hume writes about some new services specifically for business travelers, with offerings that allow you to choose an interesting seatmate on the flight or for female executives to connect when they’re abroad.

According to Hotel Chatter, Google is bringing its “Street view” technology to hotels. They’ve started to offer 360 degree views that allow you to “walk” right into the hotel and take a look around.

What gift can you get for that little princess who has everything? How about a “Barbie Cruise?” Travel Weekly’s Tom Stieghorst reports that Royal Caribbean is launching a new package next year that will cater to families with young girls.

And, lastly, please don’t ever be this stupid.


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