We all know by heart the admonition to turn off our cell phones when our flight is about to take off. And we all know the symphony of phones turning on when the plane pulls up to the jetway. The message is clear – we can barely stand to be without our phones for the duration of a flight. But tech-savvy travelers have found a way around the no-cell-phone rule: Internet calling. This week, USA Today’s Bart Jansen writes about what seems like a perfect solution and the brewing controversy over people chattering away on their calls in-flight. And while less than five percent of aircrafts have broadband access today, Internet calls are going to become more and more commonplace. And that creates an interesting issue. Allowing passengers to make calls creates efficiency for business travelers and convenience for all. However, sitting within shouting distance of a passenger who can’t stop talking just a little too loudly makes for a lousy flight experience. This debate is just getting started.

More seriously – at least potentially – there’s concern this week about a growing – and apparently unchecked – epidemic of dengue fever in India. We wrote about it here; international health experts are concerned that the outbreak could spread across the globe if India’s health officials don’t step up their efforts.

More than a week after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area, travel through the New York area is getting back to normal. However, tens of thousands of people remain homeless. And so we applaud what Airbnb is doing. The social travel company that matches travelers looking for inexpensive accommodations with hosts willing to open up their homes for a few dollars is now enabling people to offer free accommodations to the people impacted by the storm.

Giving birth is a big deal (I’m told), and the way in which children come into this world is very different in different cultures. Parenting.com’s Lisa Selin Davis takes a look at the best and worst places in the world to give birth.

We have just a little more than a month before the world comes to an end (according to the Mayans). Fortunately, the world’s hotels are ready. Jill Becker has the details for CNN.

People are always looking for the best Chinese food in their hometown. But how about finding the best Chinese food in China? At CNNGO, Fiona Reilly reports on the best foodie towns in China.

The new James Bond flick Skyfall opens in the U.S. today; last month on 007’s 50th anniversary we wrote about the healthiest things the British superspy has done over five decades. And as Skyfall opens, the folks at Jaunted tell us about the exotic locales for the latest Bond flick that anyone – even you – can visit.


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