This was a week in which many people geared up for holiday travel plans, booking flights and accommodations, and maybe doing a little shopping for that new bathing suit or ski outfit.

As people contemplate air travel, they may contemplate the topic of air quality at airports. Not city-specific air quality, but the quality of the air around airport exits and entrances.  Should airports designate indoor smoking areas for passengers who smoke? For non-smokers, it eliminates the need to enter the airport through a gauntlet of smokers shivering in their shirt sleeves. However, a new study shows that it does not really alleviate the problem of secondhand smoke. The New York Times’ Nicholas Bakalar reports that the Centers for Disease Control looked at large-hub airports in Denver, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Washington, and found that the pollution levels in areas adjacent to smoking areas are five times as high as non-adjacent areas. The report was initially reported this week in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (aside: what kind of ghoul subscribes to that publication?).  There isn’t a whole lot to do about it if you’re a traveler who needs to go through these airports, but maybe airport officials will take note and make a change.

All that secondhand smoke might make you cranky. Or maybe you’re just one of those travelers who are impossible to please – obsessed with your lack of legroom, looming jet lag or European traffic. If you’re one of these B.A.T.’s – Bad Attitude Travelers – the cure is simple, according to a new study by psychologists. Gadling’s Chris Owen reports that the key to discarding those unhappy thoughts is to literally throw them away – write them on a piece of paper and then toss it in the trash.

Men are from Mars; women are from Venus. Yes, it’s still true, and the differences apply to how we travel. The Wall Street Journal’s Scott McCartney writes about the difference between men and women travelers.

CNN’s Paul Gittings writes about some of the most out there things you can do around the globe, like running a triple Ironman Triathlon, racing to the South Pole, kayaking through Patagonia or swimming in Scandinavia.

Also at CNN, Hiufu Wong reports that Tokyo is not as good a place to eat as it was last year… but it’s still the foodie capital of the world.

Tnooz reports on what has been a brutal week for Australian Tourism, marked by a scandal in which airline Qantas ended its agreement with the national tourism agency over charges of sabotage. Perhaps more importantly, social networks Down Under are aflame over the rant of several Aussies directed at a French tourist, and there are indications it’s already having a negative impact on tourism to Australia.

Lastly, while Australia faces tourism uncertainty, South Korea is reveling in Gangnam Style. USA Today’s Jayne Clark reports on the upsurge in tourists in Seoul, thanks in large part to the YouTube sensation that is Psy.


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