As we come to the end of 2012, it’s time to reflect on a year that has been remarkable in many ways. From a travel perspective, 2012 has been the most active year ever – more than one billion travelers crossed international borders this year. The Financial Times’ travel writers celebrate by taking a look this week at some of their favorite travel discoveries of 2012.

International travel is easier than ever before, but paradoxically more difficult at the same time, at least in some ways. Staying healthy while traveling is not easy; travelers have to deal with a lack of sleep, an increase in stress and sometimes simply the inability to navigate a strange place with strange food and strange accommodations.

A big contributor to high stress levels is winding through those airport security lines. This week, the Economic Times reports on a new study from the International Air Transport Association that shows that travelers around the world can’t stand the security hassles. Travelers say they’re willing to give up some of their privacy or submit to biometric exams if it’ll make security move along more quickly.

The simple act of sitting on a plane for a couple of hours is difficult for many who suffer from air sickness. At the New York Times, Catherine Saint Louis looks at air sickness and other motion sicknesses, and examines possible cures and fixes.

Of course, travel can be easier, especially if you’re flying first class. Of course, first class isn’t affordable for everybody… or is it? The Wall Street Journal’s Scott McCartney has some tips for getting into first class more often – it just takes some planning. And no, he is not suggesting that you somehow sneak into first class.

Certainly you’ve been unable to get into first class on a long flight. You know what happens – you get off the plane feeling lifeless and inert, like a sack of potatoes. Interestingly, The Atlantic reports that’s exactly what Boeing used to test its new inflight wifi – potatoes .

It appears that the Mayans were wrong; the world did not end this day. But if you’re feeling a little apocalyptic, Joanne Lane at CNN has some travel suggestions for places that feel a little like the end of the world.

You’ve got a couple of shopping days left before Christmas – Gary Stoller at USA Today has some last minute gift ideas for business travelers .

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and all around the world parties will rage. And that means that all around the world, a lot of people will wake up with a blinding headache; it’s true that January 1st hangovers are a global phenomenon. And that means that hangover cures will be front and blurry center that day; Jaunted takes a look at the world’s best hangover cures .

So put those to good use, and we’ll be back with you after the New Year (maybe even with our review of some of those cures).


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