As we launch ourselves into 2013, you’re very likely focused on losing weight; it’s everybody’s go-to New Year’s Resolution. But if you’re a frequent traveler, you know that losing weight while you’re globetrotting – or even maintaining some semblance of health – is extremely difficult. Obviously, we try to help here at Healthy Travel Blog. And at USA Today, Dara Continenza offers up nine ways to lose weight while you’re on vacation.

As we’ve already told you, 2012 was the busiest year ever for international travel, with more than one billion people crossing international borders. It was also the safest year ever –The Telegraph reports from the UK that the number of people killed in airplane crashes in 2012 was sharply down from the year before. The flight advisory service Ascend reported that 2012 was almost twice as safe as 2011, with a fatal accident rate of one per 2.5 million flights.

Helping to make airplane travel safer is the confiscation of guns in airports. CNN’s Aaron Cooper reports that more than 1500 guns were discovered by TSA screeners at U.S. airports in 2012. It’s comforting that those guns aren’t getting on to planes, but it’s more than a little troubling that so many people are trying to sneak them onboard.

Not everywhere you travel is safe – Haiti, for instance. The U.S. State Department has issued an updated travel warning for people headed to the still-troubled Caribbean island, warning travelers about high levels of cholera and crime, as well as poor medical infrastructure.

East Africa can also be a less than savory place, but it can also be the location of one of the greatest vacations you’ll ever take; a safari trip is an unforgettable experience. But sometimes bullets fly. At the New York Times, Jeffrey Gettleman reports on the “conservation militia” that has armed itself to battle with poachers who kill elephants for their ivory tusks.

But it isn’t all guns and cholera out there.

The Wall Street Journal’s Scott McCartney takes a look at the best travel apps for 2013tackling planning and flying apps. He does not address healthy travel apps, but we have you covered here

And you might soon have a much easier time going online while you’re flying. Mashable’s Alex Fitzpatrick reports that the Federal Communications Commission changed some rules that will make it easier for airlines to install in-air broadband technology on planes. So, assuming you like being connected all the time, this is great news.


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