Flu season is here, and all across America people are sneezing, coughing and calling in sick. Reuters reports that this is one of the worst flu seasons in years, and supplies of flu vaccine and Tamiflu are low. The outbreak is not confined to the United States; Expat Health’s Bryony Ashcroft reports that the flu season has hit Europe as well. However, it doesn’t seem to be as intense as it is here in the US. Whether you’re traveling or not, wash your hands a lot and get a flu shot. And maybe watch the weather a little more closely; the Associated Press has a fascinating story about how weather patterns can predict outbreaks of disease such as the flu and malaria.

Be sure to take care of yourself when you are traveling. You very likely know a lot of the healthy travel best practices, but the Health and Fitness Travel Blog offers a refresher on healthy travel tips this week.

Jet lag is perhaps the greatest scourge of the international traveler, but there could be help on the way. A new (free!) website created by a Canadian psychologist helps you understand the best times to expose yourself to light in order to create a personalized jet lag plan. CNN’s Karla Cripps reports on Jet Lag Rooster.

A leading cause of travel stress is thinking about the money you’re spending. No worries – the New York Times’ Seth Kugel offers up nine ways to save money while globetrotting. Another potential source of stress for London-bound travelers is figuring out The Tube, as confusing and intimidating as it can be. Never fear – here’s some stress-busting advice on the London Underground from CNN’s Barry Nield.

And a trip built completely around wine is probably a good way to keep your temperament nice and even. Just don’t overindulge, right? Right?!!? Jaunted reports on Wine Enthusiast’s Top 10 wine destinations for 2013.

Europe is filled with more fascinating nooks and crannies than you could ever explore in just one lifetime. But here’s some guidance from noted travel writer Rick Steves, offering up eight “magical” European experiences at USA Today.

Let’s close with some good news – air travel is getting better. Honest. So says the Wall Street Journal’s Scott McCartney, who takes a data-packed look at airlines’ performance.


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