Health resortWelcome to February, generally considered the cruelest month, at least in the northern half of the United States. For much of the country, this is an indoor, sedentary month – perhaps the hardest time of the year to stick to healthy habits.

Unless, of course, you can get away to a warmer climate. If you’re a regular reader or a frequent traveler, you know that just hitting the road is not an automatic way to get healthy – you need a plan and a routine to stick to so that you come back refreshed and energized rather than hung over and exhausted. So here are some ideas to help you survive cold dark February.

Let’s start with a vacation specifically designed to give you a shot of health – Fox News reports on the 10 best health resorts in the world. You’ll eat healthy, go for hikes, relax and get back to nature.  And on your way to your destination, how about some yoga at the airport? Jaunted reports on three U.S. airports now offering yoga classes in the terminal. It’s cold out and you want a beach, but that doesn’t mean you have to just lay there. CNN’s Jordan Rane tells us about the world’s best surfing towns – great exercise and sunshine. Wear sunscreen.

Travelers to Europe know that parts of the Continent have significant pollution problems. Expat Health’s Bill Carriker reports that the EU is taking action against 17 member states for the hideous quality of their air.

When your flight is preparing for takeoff, do you pay rigorous attention to the safety instructions? Most people seem to think they’ve heard it before and they know the basics of what to do if there’s a situation in-flight. Others prefer to be hyper-prepared. And for those folks, you no longer have to wait until you board the plane to get your safety instructions. At USA Today, George Hobica reports on the British Airways new BA Flight Safety Awareness Course.

If you’d like to get a taste of what it’s like to travel around the world, visit London. At CNN, Gabriel O’Rorke takes a look at the amazing melting pot that is cuisine in London; you can literally eat delicious meals from every part of the world without ever leaving the city.

A Caribbean vacation is just what the doctor ordered in February, but Haiti? Yes, if Haitian tourism officials get their way. NPR’s Jason Beaubien reports that Haiti has launched a campaign to boost tourism to the troubled island nation.

Vikings!?!? Count me in.

And, finally, let’s take a look at the latest news in still-hoped-for space tourism. I know you’ve been wondering where you’ll spend the night when you blast into outer space for the weekend. Obviously, you’ll need to find a space hotel. Bloomberg’s Brendan McGarry reports on the Las Vegas businessman who has bet half a billion dollars on an effort to establish hotels in space.


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