Traveling BoomersBefore we look back at the week that was, let’s look ahead to the weekend that will be. And this coming weekend will be spent trapped indoors, ideally in front of a roaring fire. Before the first flake has fallen on this early Friday morning, Winter Storm Nemo has already brought much of the travel industry to a standstill. Thousands of flights that were scheduled to be routed through the northeast part of the United States have already been canceled. Major travel hassle.

It’s all about the Baby Boomers. The Boomers – aged 48 to 67 right now – make up a quarter of the population AND control an overwhelming percentage of wealth; that means that just about every industry will bend over backwards to cater to this massive demographic. And traveling is no exception. At the New York Times, Stephanie Rosenbloom reports on the way the travel industry is catering to Boomers, and what that means for all travelers – from larger print on menus to  shorter itineraries for not-quite-able-to-retire Boomers who are looking to squeeze in shorter trips.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the U.S. Travel Association has released a new study that shows that traveling is good for you – specifically, traveling improves your sex lifeThe survey shows that couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not travel together, including a more satisfying love life.

Sleeping on a plane is one of the most important aspects of healthy travel. If you’re able to get some shuteye inflight, you’ll diminish the impact of jet lag and enhance your odds of not being a sleep-deprived wreck halfway through your trip. But to sleep, you must be comfortable, and a travel pillow can help. Of course, not all travel pillows are created equal. At the Wall Street Journal, Nancy Keates looks at the good, the bad, and the embarassing in travel pillows.

If you make yourself crazy toggling between travel websites trying to find the most convenient/least expensive flight and accommodations, Huffington Post’s Andrew Burmon has a way to ease your stress. He writes about the new Google Flights, which enables you to easily compare flights to different destinations so that you can be a little more educated about planning your trip. Imagine that – a good user experience!

Consumer choices could be a little more limited soon when it comes to choosing an airline. USA Today’s Charisse Jones reports on the apparently impeding merger of American Airlines and US Airwaysand what it might mean for travelers.

There’s a lot of travel buzz about Patagonia this year. At the Wall Street Journal, James Sturges writes about the breathtaking sites on his aquatic safari.  

And finally, Sunday is the Chinese New Year is Sunday. CNN”s Hiufu Wong provides seven ways to celebrate the start of The Year of the Snake.


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