Carnival DreamAnother week, another nightmare for the cruise industry. Two nightmares actually, including one on board the inappropriately named Carnival Dream.  Just one month after one of its cruise ships was crippled in the Gulf of Mexico and became known by the well-earned nickname “poop cruise,” CNN reports that the Carnival Dream has been crippled by power outages and overflowing toilets. USA Today’s Gene Sloan reports that the passengers on the Dream will be flown home from St. Maarten.

Elsewhere in the Caribbean, Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas had a bit of an outbreak of norovirus, which means severe diarrhea and vomiting. More than 100 people fell ill while at sea. The Global Post’s Alexander Besant reports that the cruise line was sanitizing the ship this week.

It seems that the words “travel” and “health” simply don’t go together these days if you’re on a cruise.

At Expat Health, Bryony Ashcroft takes a look at the very serious business of expat insurance in some of the world’s more dangerous spots. If you decide you’re going to live the expat life, it’s critical that you take a close look at the fine print in your insurance policy. Alternatively, you could avoid the 10 unfriendliest countries in the world, as ranked by the World Economic Forum.

Do I smell French Fries, or is that just the plane? The New York Post’s Bill Sanderson tells us that KLM Airlines is fueling planes on its New York to Amsterdam run with recycled cooking oil. It’s the first time biofuels will be used on transatlantic flights.

At the other end of the culinary spectrum, The New York Times’ Ratha Tep reports that All Nippon Airlines has hired Master of Wine, Ned Goodwin, to produce fine wines for its passengers.

Social media and technology have changed the way we travel; specifically, they’ve changed the way we brag about our travels. Photography has changed dramatically, and just about everybody considers him- or herself a photographer now. At the Wall Street Journal, Editor Kevin Sintumuang provides guidance on how to take great pictures to catalog your journey.

This is a truly amazing race – a group of Irish students were challenged to see how far they could travel in 36 hours without any money. Time’s Sorcha Pollak reports on just how far they got.

And as you most certainly know, St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, a day to drink green beer and celebrate the Irish. To honor the day, CNN offers you a truly awesome global pub crawl – the ten best drinking countries in the world. Just take it easy.


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