Frommers guidesFrommer’s lives! Last week came the depressing news that Google, which had purchased the rights to the ubiquitous Frommer’s Travel Guides last year, would stop printing the books, and that the content would exist in purely digital form. That caused much gnashing of teeth among veteran travelers, admittedly driven at least partially by nostalgia. Well, 84-year-old Arthur Frommer was among those who didn’t like this digital-only presentation, so this week he bought them back! Whether Frommer can hold back the digital tidal wave and prolong the life of his old media guidebooks remains to be seen – in fact, it’s unlikely. However, Conde Nast Traveler’s Clive Irving applauds Frommer for giving it a go.

Should flying cost more if you weigh more? Some airline executives think so, and the head of Samoa Air appears to be the leading proponent of charging heftier passengers more. The rationale is that airplanes are not selling space to passengers, they’re selling them weight; how much the plane weighs determines how much fuel it burns. CNN’s Marnie Hunter reports on the future of pay-as-you-weigh.

Should you buy travel insurance? Duh. USA Today’s Charisse Jones reports on trip cancellation insurance, what it covers and what you need to know.

For some American travelers, this is a busy time for planning their next vacation – because they’ll be getting a tax refund in the next few weeks. Tax Day is April 15 – a day of dread for some, but for the people who will be getting a refund, it’s a chance to get a big chunk of change and plan a trip. So here are some great ideas for places you might want to visit. The folks at Jaunted suggest Costa Rica as the perfect Spring vacation spot – a lot of warmth and a lot to do.

You probably don’t want to head to Norway over the next few weeks. At The Independent, Barazs Koranyi reports on an expected strike by union workers next week that could partially shut down Norway, including Oslo’s Gardermoen  Airport

At Zagat’s blog, Emma Levine offers 10 tips for your first trip to India – from how to pack to how to get around the country.

If you’re feeling somewhat immortal, here’s a trip you may want to consider:  the so-called Gate to Hell. NBC’s Rosella Lorenzi reports on the recently discovered archeological site in Turkey.

And here’s your chance to play Spiderman in La Paz, Bolivia. At Gadling, Laurel Miller reports on the introduction of “rap jumping” to South America – basically, rappelling down the side of a building.


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