Airport_delays“Getting there is half the fun” is not really something that applies to international travel – passing through multiple time zones and dealing with other vagaries of travel can be very stressful. And the stress of flying will very likely be ratcheted up next week. Travelers moving through major U.S. airports will face fairly extreme delays brought about by federal spending cuts. Tighter budgets caused forced furloughs for air-traffic controllers. USA Today’s Bart Jansen reports that air travel through Atlanta and Chicago will be hit hardest – with delays of up to three-and-a-half hours.

Airport security is very necessary, but it sure can be a hassle and add to the stress. The Huffington Post’s Christopher Elliot takes a look at TSA screening at two airports, one good, one bad. And you probably already know this, but try not to use the word “bomb” when you’re in the airport, even if you’re talking about a sandwich.

Of course, once you get there the experience can be wonderful; that’s why we travel. It’s a chance to share an experience with loved ones that will be remembered forever. At the New York Times, author Jack Hitt treks through Spain with his teenage daughters as they retrace the “pilgrim’s route.”

Maintaining your exercise regimen while traveling the world is a challenge. For yoga devotees, finding a good class can be especially difficult – determining which class is going to be right for you can be difficult. But now we have help – a new app called OmFinder. Reuters reports that the app helps you find classes at nearly 7,000 studios in 63 countries worldwide.  The app allows you to filter through options by class times and the type of yoga – including hatha, power flow, vinyasa and hot yoga.

A lot of progress has been made in the quest to control malaria throughout the world. Mosquito nets have been a big part of the success equation. However, nets have limitations – they’re great for containing the spread of the disease indoors, but for people living or working outdoors, nets are not very effective. The BBC reports that scientists are concerned with so-called malaria hotspots; travelers to places such as the Philippines and Sri Lanka should be aware that malaria remains a concern in those countries.

After one of the worst flu seasons in memory, Expat Health’s Bryony Ashcroft reports that it appears influenza in Europe is on the wane.

And finally, an estimated $1 trillion (with a T!) was spent on business travel in 2012. CNN has a great infographic that looks at what different parts of the world spend on business travel.


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