AppsAs you already know, there is an app for everything these days. From apps that allow you to purchase movie tickets directly from your phone to being able to “zombify” pictures of you and your friends, you can do just about anything with that little hand-held device. And when it comes to travel, you can find a ton of apps designed to make your trip, and your life, a little bit easier.

Of course (blatant sales pitch coming), every trip should start with downloading the mPassport app from the App Store or Google Play, which helps you navigate the healthcare system in cities around the world. Here’s our list of the most popular travel apps of this year (so far):

WhatsApp – The smart phone era has forever added a second meaning to international travel: ridiculously expensive roaming charges and fees. Whether you’re studying abroad or going on a much-needed extended vacation, the fear of not being able to communicate with your friends and family back home without purchasing another cell phone plan can be overwhelming. Thanks to the messaging app, WhatsApp, you can communicate with anyone in the world without paying for SMS (text message) fees. All you need to worry about is your friend having the app as well. Best of all, it’s free!

Google Translate – In addition to all of the other incredible ways Google has made our lives better, they’ve also created the Google Translate app that allows you to translate text and speech between more than seventy languages. Not sure if that street sign is the right one you’re looking or? Just type it into the app.  Having trouble spelling an unidentifiable word your waiter keeps repeating? Have him say it in the “Voice Input” section and your handy-dandy app will translate for you. Google Translate also provides you with access to dictionaries in many different languages, and even features a “Conversation Mode” that allows you to have a conversation with someone in a different language.

Free WiFi Finder – Not having free WiFi connection anywhere in the world can be a nuisance. This Apple-and-Android-friendly mobile app searches for any Internet hotspots wherever you might be now, or going to in the future. From searching the area in your current location to another spot around the world, WiFi Finder will hook you up with a Starbucks, a library, a local Internet café, etc. And the best part? It works offline, which makes it truly convenient.

TripAdvisor – An oldie but a goodie, and there have been a number of updates this year.  The TripAdvisor app is a big help in planning your vacation. From checking your flight status to finding reviewer-approved restaurants at your destination, you can plan and manage your itinerary right on your phone. And if your flight gets canceled or you need to make an unexpected trip home, you can also book your flight right from your phone.

Fuel MonitorHow much will you spend on gas on your road trip? By plugging in details about your car, such as manufacturer, model, and year, as well as cost for gas, Fuel Monitor utilizes GPS navigation to calculate and keep track of how much you’re spending on gas, which can also be a great convenience for those splitting the bill!

Before you go on your next trip, be sure to download these practical travel apps—and tell us some of your favorites below!


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Monica Montesa is a writer at Scribewise. An explorer and foodie at heart, she loves traveling to new places and discovering exotic cultures and cuisines. Visit


  1. This is a great list! I definitely agree with WhatsApp and Wi-Fi Finder. We just published our own short list of best travel apps we have found useful: check it out!

    (Talks Over Latte is a lifestyle, travel, food blog written by two Wellesley alums in finance and medicine).

  2. I only use three travel apps: TripList for managing my packing list and luggage details, Kayak for finding flights (and tracking) and TripAdvisor for finding out what exactly I want to do in each city. I consider these essential apps that make my traveling easier. Just my .02.

  3. Thanks for the must have travel apps, Monica. I travel a lot for my job with DISH, and I am always looking for good apps to make life on the go easier. I’ll check out WhatsApp and TripAdvisor before my next trip out of town. There’s another must have app that goes with me on all of my trips. It’s called DISH Anywhere, and with it I can stream live TV, DVR recordings, and Video On Demand. It’s come in really handy as a way for me to wait out layovers and flight delays.

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