shoesAs much as I love to talk about shoes, this post isn’t just for the fashion-conscious travelers out there. Since different types of shoes are designed to handle various environments or activities, packing the right ones is necessary in order to ensure a comfortable and safe trip.

So how do you know what to bring?

First, ask yourself two questions: How will you be traveling, and what types of activities will you be engaging in? Although you generally want to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes and a pair of sandals, you may need special gear depending on your trip. Whether you’ll be walking around a major city, kayaking, rock climbing, etc., you want to make sure you have the right gear and protection for your feet.

Even though you may have the option to buy a new pair of shoes when you get to your destination, it’s best to go prepared in advance, especially in the case that you can’t find what you need.

Here’s a list of the right shoes for different types of destinations and/or activities:

  • Casual Shoes or Walking Shoes: These are ideal for travelers staying in urban environments and want a shoe perfect for comfort and style. Walking shoes, as opposed to casual ones, provide a little extra support and stability for those who will be walking a lot.
  • Active Footwear: Most outdoor cross-trainers are great all-purpose shoes since they have gel or air pockets to provide extra cushioning and materials ideal for ventilation, making them perfect for most activities. Running shoes may not match as well with clothes, but they’re good if you plan on running a lot during your trip.
  • Hiking or Backpacking Boots: Day-hiking boots offer more support than other active footwear and are great for light hiking. Backpacking boots are constructed with leather and other materials for durability and water protection. Many are also made with moisture-wicking linings to keep feet dry. These are perfect for those traveling with a heavy pack for a long period of time.
  • Winter-Weather Boots: Since snow boots are sturdier and designed for harsh winter conditions, they’re ideal if you’ll be snowboarding or trekking through snow. But if you plan on doing more walking than skiing, waterproof winter boots are a comfier option that will keep your feet just as toasty warm.
  • Sandals: The type of sandals you should bring depends on the amount of walking you’ll be doing during your trip. If you’ll be doing a considerable amount of walking, look for sandals that have rubber outsoles to provide durability. Water-sport sandals are also recommended if you’ll be participating in water-related activities or will be using them in unclean showers at a cheap hotel.
  • Business Shoes: If you’re traveling for work, don’t forget to clean and polish your best pair of dress shoes, in addition to a casual pair. You won’t want to ruin your work shoes, so having an extra pair is vital.

Any recommendations for the best types of shoes to travel with? We’d like to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Thanks! Great guide. I quite frequently underestimate how much walking you actually do, when travelling. Not because, I’m like a great hiker or anything, but even when going shopping in new cities, you tend to get far and wide:)

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