We’re super excited to take you on the latest installment of our healthy travel tours, featuring our favorite trendy-yet-historic, notoriously-rainy-but-beautiful city of London!

Over the last two years in particular, London has been in the spotlight for a ton of wonderful reasons: The 2012 Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which marked her 60th year on the throne, Downton Abbey and of course, the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis. London has been an icon of western civilization for centuries, and there’s a whole lot of history we can appreciate.

Beyond London’s recent popularity, this historical country is a wonderful vacation spot for history buffs, art lovers, and any adventurous traveler.

So if you’re planning a trip across the pond, here’s our guide to guarantee another healthy and amazing vacation.  You’ll be sure to have a bloody good time!

(Quick tip: For traveling around London with ease, we recommend purchasing an Oyster card, which is your ticket around the London’s public transportation system.)

Day 1

  • Breakfast: Enjoy freshly-squeezed fruit juice, a great cappuccino, and some fresh eggs and toast at Café Diana, which is right by the beautiful Kensington Gardens.
  • Workout: It’s your first day in London, so rent a bike for a couple of hours and take an informal tour ride around the city.
  • Must-see attraction: You’ve probably seen various pictures or movie scenes of tourists trying to distract the statue-like guards over at Buckingham Palace. Here’s your chance to watch the age-old tradition of the Changing the Guard. Then, talk a walk around Buckingham Palace and soak in the truly wondrous royal scene.
  • Lunch: From the Palace, walk on over to The Mango Tree for a delicious vegetarian Thai lunch. We highly recommend the Pad Thai if you’ve never had it before!
  • Mind/Body Balance: After traveling and that long bike ride, hop in one of the cool cabs of London and head over to the Chelsea Day Spa for a relaxing massage. And since you can’t come to London without enjoying some afternoon tea, make your way back towards Buckingham Palace to The Lanesborough. A favorite spot for locals and tourists alike, The Lanesborough features delicious and delicate finger foods and a fine cup of London tea.
  • Dinner: Not far from the Palace is an Asian-European fusion restaurant, Bistro 51, where you’ll find a variety of healthy dishes featuring fish, chicken, and even vegetarian alternatives.

Day 2

  • Breakfast: We’re traveling towards the edge of London to Richmond Park. Enjoy breakfast at the Roehamptom Café; be sure to stick to healthy proteins and carbs, such as yogurt with granola or eggs and whole wheat toast.
  • Workout: Walk off your delicious breakfast during a stroll around the park. When you’re up to it, sign up for an activity like rugby or horse riding in designated areas around the park!
  • Lunch: Right down the street is Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen, where you can grab a fresh chicken Caesar salad or a simple mozzarella and basil pizza. Pizza really can be a healthy option!
  • Mind/Body Balance: No matter what religion you are, you can still admire the incredible center of worship that is St. Paul’s Cathedral, the second-largest church in the United Kingdom. And if you walk 530 steps to the top, you can enjoy a great view and famous acoustics of the Whispering Gallery along the way up.
  • Must-see attraction: One of the largest natural history museums in the world, The British Museum holds millions of items from all over the world, some of which date back to the earliest days of human civilization.
  • Dinner: By this time you’ve probably worked up an appetite, so stop by The Ledbury for some delicious Sea Bass. Or eat like a local and try the Roast Pigeon.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: Grab a seat on the terrace at The Orangey in the heart of Kensington Gardens, and enjoy a wonderful, fresh breakfast.
  • Workout: After breakfast, be sure to take a refreshing walk around the Gardens to admire some of the best flora London has to offer.
  • Lunch: Want a way to tour and enjoy lunch at the same time? If you take the Thames River Lunch Cruise, you can do so! Enjoy a great lunch while observing the beautiful scene of London from the river that flows right through the heart of the city.
  • Mind/Body Balance: If you’ve never dined and cruised before, you’re in for a wonderfully relaxing treat. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride and delicious cuisine.
  • Must-see attraction:  After your cruise, hop on over to the Tate Modern, London’s famous contemporary art gallery.
  • Dinner: If you’ve worked up an appetite walking around The Tate, you’ll be happy to satisfy your appetite at Del Aziz. A great spot for Mediterranean food, which has been proven to have great health benefits, you’ll sure to find some local healthy flavors to dine on!

Day 4

  • Breakfast: Kick off the day with scrambled eggs with veggies at Café Rouge.
  • Workout: Head on over from the café to Potter’s Field Park and go for a jog or a nice walk along the Thames River.
  • Lunch: Attention foodies: You are going to love the Borough Market! It’s like all of your favorite farmers markets combined into one, the Borough Market is a great place to buy (and eat) local cheeses, fresh bread, and meats. Stop by one of the local areas for some lunch and then…
  • Mind/Body Balance: Shop! We recommend picking up some lunch meats, cheese, and fresh bread for a picnic lunch tomorrow. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean : )
  • Must-see attraction: The Shard, which opened in the early spring of 2012, is the second-tallest building in Europe. Go to the top observing deck and take in the expansive, glorious view of the city.
  • Dinner: NY grill meets London cuisine in the form of a new restaurant, called Oblix. Located on the 32nd floor of The Shard, this new restaurant has a view unmatched anywhere else in London. If you want a change of scenery, stop by the Larder and grab dinner made of the freshest quality organic ingredients.

Day 5

  • Breakfast: Mosey over to Hyde Park and enjoy breakfast at the Lido Café for some fresh Eggs Florentine (eggs with spinach) or try their homemade granola with fruit and yogurt.
  • Workout: Hang out in Hyde Park and go for a jog or some fast-walking.  You might even catch a local performance!
  • Lunch: Remember the fixings you purchased yesterday to make sandwiches? This is when they’re going to come in handy. Bring them along with you and have a picnic in the park!
  • Mind/Body Balance: There’s plenty of ground to cover at Hyde Park, and by the 5th day of your long and fun-filled vacation, you deserve a chance to take it easy and enjoy!
  • Must-see attraction: Go see one of the wonderful plays at the West End Theater District. Whether you’re into dramas, musicals, or comedies, there’s a play for everyone.
  • Dinner: Located in the Theater District, the menu at Zaman features an infusion of Middle Eastern and European cuisine. Try the fresh salmon and share chocolate cheesecake with a friend! You’ve had a healthy week, so treat yourself to a little dessert!

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