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Vacations have their own set of lifestyle rules, or, rather, a lack of them, which can put any healthy diet and lifestyle to complete shame in a mere matter of days.

Enter the detox vacation, the chance to cleanse, step back and slow down, and indulge at the other end of the scale.

Get Healthy on Vacation

Many of us spend months trying to shed a few pounds, enduring an exercise routine we’re not enjoying and an eating plan that tastes tiresome, just to inspire a bit of body confidence pre-vacation and pre-swimsuit season. So why not combine the two and head off on a break that might encourage a loss of inches along the way?

The idea of a holiday spent being strictly healthy and working up a sweat with excessive exercise might seem like a daunting prospect, but detox breaks can be specifically crafted around what you want to spend your time doing, so they needn’t be the boot camp regime most of us think of when we hear the phrase.

From programs of indulgent spa treatments, superbly designed healthy gourmet meals and gentle exercise, some of these retreats can actually be, and it’s a revelation to most, rather enjoyable.

Treat Yourself to Thailand

Known across the world as the spiritual home of healing, Asia is the ideal destination for a detox vacation. Home to a stunning landscape of shimmering white beaches, crystal clear sea waters and lush rainforests, Thailand is the perfect place to escape to for a stress busting break.

With 95% of the population subscribed to the ideas and lifestyle of Buddhism,  Thailand is a nation of healthy minds and spiritual well being, so where better to head to for a slice of the mindfulness yourself? Thailand’s spa resorts are spread across the country, so many are easily reached via Bangkok. With the country being such a popular vacation destination, you can easily search the cheapest flights from London to Thailand and find a purse-friendly, stress busting break.

Kamalaya Detox

Nestled along the coast of Koh Samui, the Kamalaya resort is just footsteps from the beach and is surrounded by exotic gardens and peaceful terraces. Those enrolled in the detox program here can enjoy a consultation with a specialist, and three tailor-made healthy meals a day across its restaurants.

A program of daily holistic fitness classes include tai chi, yoga and meditation, with access to the swimming pool, steam cavern, plunge pools and fitness center also included. The resort also offers some exquisite pampering, including oil massages, detox scrubs and wraps, hand and foot massages and a lymphatic massage.

Absolute Sanctuary Detox

The island of Koh Samui is also home to the Absolute Sanctuary, which sits on a landscape of lush gardens and is only a five minute walk from the beach. Your detox here will begin with an in depth consultation, and will finish with a debrief and a guideline pack you can take home with you.

Chefs provide detox visitors with a superb range of nutritious dishes, and beverages such as coconut juice and a liver flush drink. Thai cardio fitness classes and sunrise walks are on the menu when it comes to fitness, with a detox massage and access to the pool and steam room if you want some pampering.

Chiva Som Art of Detox

A personalized program awaits at the Chiva Som, which is known across the globe for its luxury. Found along the coast of Hua Hin, this retreat encourages a blend of healthy mind, body and spirit, with an award winning menu of nutritious meals and a range of different fitness activities.

The resort boasts a choice of signature treatments and therapies, from the Cleansing Cocoon to the Flower Remedy. Physical analysis and skin consultations are available, and guests can enjoy use of the Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

Consider destinations like these to get what most of us really need from a vacation: the chance to rest, relax and truly give our bodies and minds a break.

Guest Author: Dave Gregory
Dave is travel writer who has plenty of experience in traveling and hunting out some of the most relaxing spots in the world. Thailand is a personal favorite.

Photo by soulrider67.



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