Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich PillowWhether you actually need them or not, there are all kinds of accessories you can buy to make traveling easier. Sure, there’s the common gear, such as passport cases and power adapters. But in the corners of the Internet, or even in the pages of your Sky Mall catalog, you might also find some rather unique items that you somehow managed to live without.

Don’t believe it? Here’s a list of some strange items that are only a few clicks away from arriving at your doorstep:

  • Ostrich Pillow: Since this pillow looks like a plush version of an astronaut’s helmet, this may not be for the fashion-conscious. It is, however, for those who want to get some shuteye while traveling, which can be extremely difficult if you’re in a public setting such as an airport or train. The Ostrich Pillow eliminates sound, light, and even prevents you from getting too hot or cold. It also comes in kids’ sizes and a variety of fun colors.
  • Portable Infrared Sauna: Bummed that you’ll be missing out on sauna time while you’re away? No fear, you can bring your own portable version with you on your travels. Deploying 600-watts of infrared heat, the compact sauna provides all of the health benefits of a traditional one, including improvements in your skin tone, blood circulation, and more.
  • Hand-Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger: For those who consider their cell phone an extra limb, there’s nothing worse than a dead battery, especially when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. This charger, which works exactly how it sounds, is perfect for those desperate moments. Just plug it into your phone and turn the handle on the side of the device. One minute of winding converts into 30 seconds of energy, so it also provides a great little workout as well.
  • Powerbag: If you don’t have the hand-crank cell phone charger, or if you’ll be traveling with your tablet and laptop, the Powerbag may be a better option. It contains a battery with connectors for Apple products, Micro-USB, and Mini-USBs, as well as a standard USB port. While the bag has enough power to charge a smartphone a few times, you’ll also need to recharge the bag every now and then.
  • Re-Timer: These may look like Google Glasses, but instead of connecting you to the Internet, the Re-Timer helps you recover from jet lag. How? By emitting light that’s similar to the sun’s rays to help adjust your internal clock.
  • Scrubba Wash Bag: Running out of clothes to wear can be a real inconvenience when traveling. The Scrubba Wash Bag works as a portable washing machine that’s based on the traditional washboard. Just add your clothes, some water, a bit of detergent, and squish the bag around so the nodules lined inside of it scrubs the clothes clean. Then rinse with cold water and voilà! Clean clothes. This is perfect for those sweaty workout clothes!
  • Walking Stick: Sure there are plenty of sticks in the woods, but how many of them are made out of sleek metal, come with a built in compass, and can also serve as a tripod for your camera? Not many. If you need a little support during long treks, consider this 50-inch walking stick, which folds up quite nicely into a travel-friendly size.
  • Vogmask: What sounds like something Darth Vader would wear is actually quite similar to a clinical mask. Made out of microfiber that comes in a variety of styles and designs, the Vogmask claims to filter out 99 percent of all dust, ash, germs, and pollen.

Have you come across any other unique travel items? Please share!

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