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Wanna re-ignite the romance in your relationship? Or are you wondering if the guy you’re dating is truly the one? To boost your relationship or put it to the test, try this: Go on a trip together.

A recent study discovered that 79 percent of couples that traveled together said the trip had a positive impact on their relationship. Psychologists also say that the first trip a couple takes not only has the potential to indicate their compatibility as a couple, but also how they’ll interact when they’re married.

As far as relationship benefits go, couples reported that traveling brought them closer together and increased romance and communication. In fact, traveling duos were more likely to view differences as something that could be resolved, share common goals and desires, and even spice things up in the bedroom. Many even prefer traveling to gifts such as flowers or chocolate—although you should ask your loved one before skipping out on those gifts!

Here’s why it works:

Traveling with others forces us to work together in order to make it fun and enjoyable. It calls for compromising when you have one day in Rome, and you want to visit the Spanish Steps while your girlfriend wants to see the Vatican. It requires you to be flexible when things go awry, to find new solutions, and possibly even to budget your money. Yes, it’s a lot more work than it seems, but then again, the same could be said about relationships. In most cases, the behaviors and interactions learned and embraced during a trip are also brought back home. In fact, many find that their relationship becomes more stable as a result.

However, while traveling with a loved one is a great opportunity to spend more time together and get to know each other, it can be for better or worse. For those who aren’t legally bound to be in it for the long haul, a vacation can be a great way to see exactly how well you work as a couple. How people act during vacation—during times when literally anything can go wrong—is often a reflection of how they really are back home each and every day. You may realize you’re a good match, or that you’re better off without. Perhaps for these couples, a mini vaca may be recommended. But whatever you decide to do, you’ll at least get to see a new corner of the world and learn a little more about yourself and your loved one.


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