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Buenos Aires_Tea ConnectionFull of late night boliches (clubs) and bustling city streets, Buenos Aires bursts with life. But in between all the subte (subway) stops and parties, there are pockets of blissful tranquility. Comparable in size to New York City, Buenos Aires’ main drags overwhelm: rushing busses, honking taxis, and the hustle of porteños consume your senses. However, beyond the chaos, a few blocks off the D-line subte, lies BA’s softer side. Like most cities, Buenos Aires is split up into barrios, or neighborhoods, each one exhibiting a little different vibe. While living in Buenos Aires I spent most of my time on the eastern side of the city in the neighborhoods of Belgrano, Palermo, and Recoleta.

Belgrano is home to the school I attended, Universidad de Belgrano, the Manuel Belgrano Square, which holds a local artisan fair, and the lovely park Barrancas de Belgrano. Aside from the produce stand I stopped at almost daily, one of my favorite spots in this neighborhood was Natural Deli. Natural Deli is both a grocery store and organic lunch spot. Their smoothies and muffins are a must try and their menu has everything from salads to rice bowls to sandwiches.

A great place to grab coffee and something sweet is Nucha, a small street side café tucked in between residential city blocks. Although a tad on the pricey side, it’s a popular porteño (people who were born or live in Buenos Aires) lunch place and the people watching is always good.

Moving south, Palermo is known as the shopping, design, trend-setting mecca of the city. During the day you will find yourself wandering on the cobblestone streets of Palermo Soho, popping around boutique shops and tastefully arranged street side café’s. bBlue, a great lunch spot, is in the heart of Palermo Soho, making it the perfect stop during a day of perusing. The menu is complete with smoothies, a wine list, and fresh salads.

Palermo doesn’t stop at Soho, it is also home to the Mercado de Pulgas, an incredible flea market located on the edge of Palermo Hollywood and the Bosques de Palermo or  Palermo Lakes park, which offers rollerblade rental, free yoga in the park and a walking/biking path.

A great place for brunch, lunch, or honestly every meal, in Palermo Hollywood is, Artesimia. They have an in-house bakery that sells incredible breads, prices are moderate, and their vibe is rustic wood tables, stained glass windows, and high, studio apartment like ceilings.

Bio is another on of my favorites. You’ll see this restaurant on a lot of Buenos Aires city guide lists, the food is really good, all organic, and there are a lot of vegan and vegetarian options.

Celi Gourmet is the best gluten free bakery in Argentina. They have gluten free empanadas, bread, and amazing pastries. Trust me, you won’t regret making the visit.

Last but not least is Recoleta, the historic district of Buenos Aires. Here you can see the famous Recelota Cemetery, a vast array of museums, and Avenida Alvear – a street containing the most exclusive high fashion stores in Buenos Aires, glittered with French academy architecture and some of the nicest hotels in the country.  If you go about five blocks south on Rodriguez Peña you will find a fresh fish stand, a butcher, two produce stands, a cheese shop and Hausbrout, an artisanal bread shop. Walk a little further on Rodriguez Peña until it meets Juncal and you will be at my all time favorite restaurant, Tea Connection. Tea Connection has eight locations throughout the city and I love them all. My favorite dish there is the Salmón Ahumado, a salad complete with smoked salmon, potatoes, avocado, a poached egg, and more.

Cumana is another great restaurant in Recoleta. A lot of locals stop here on their lunch break or for a traditional Argentine dinner. They have empanadas, steak, and healthier options as well, like locro (a traditional stew) or a salad.

The above places are just a few of my favorites, but the health scene in Buenos Aires, like the city, is big. The Guîa natural Urbana & Orgånico map is the first green map of Buenos Aires and can help you find your way to a collection of healthy restaurants, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, activities, and more.

Guest Author: Lisa Kellenberger
Lisa Kellenberger is a contributor to the Knowmad Travel Journal and the media manager at Knowmad Adventures, a South American travel company creating active, authentic and sustainable trips. Read her biography here.


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  1. I recently got to spend a number of days in Buenos Aires. The city has a
    great vibe to it and I have listed the best spots to hang out and eat in
    my destination guide.

  2. WOW! This is so awesome! This makes me really hungry first of all, and secondly it makes me want to travel to South America! I would love to go to the Tea Connection! Better book my flight!
    Great post!

  3. I was lucky enough to be taken to a couple of these places by Lisa herself while I was visiting Buenos Aires a couple years ago. Tea Connection was also my favorite – for the food, of course, but also the decor was amazing. They had a whole “growing wall” or vertical garden that really made you feel like you found an oasis in such an urban jungle.

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