Shanghai Smog

Shanghai SmogSevere smog has blanked the city of Shanghai and other nearby cities, causing delays and cancellations in airports and schools throughout the area. According to CNN, officials in Shanghai have issued the strictest health warning and are urging locals to stay indoors as the air quality index tops 500. To put that number into perspective, levels above 300 are considered hazardous. The World Health Organization recommends a daily level of no more than 20. Yikes!

For travelers visiting or planning to visit China, it’s imperative that you pay attention to this issue.

The smog, which was caused by industrial pollution and car emissions due to stagnant cold weather isn’t a new issue for cities in China. Although the country’s leaders have promised to prioritize air quality, little progress has been made. Shanghai authorities did, however, ask factories to reduce or stop production completely so the smog can clear up, but long-term efforts remain unknown.

Since it can be difficult for those living in Shanghai to stay locked up indoors, especially if you’re sacrificing outdoor exercise, here are some indoor fitness routines to keep you moving, engaged, and most importantly, safe:

  • Yoga: This ancient practice is a great way to relax the mind and boost fitness and flexibility. Plus, all you need is a floor and mat, so it’s the perfect indoor exercise. Beginners can try this routine, while more experienced yogis might want to take a stab at this one.
  • High-Energy Workout: Here’s a dynamic routine:
    • First, warm up with 25 jumping jacks, 15 squats, 10 lunges on each side, and repeat the circuit for five minutes.
    • Next, do 30 abdominal crunches and go straight into a full plank. Hold the position for 60 seconds. Repeat two more times.
    • Stand up and do mountain climbers, aiming to bring your knees high and move as quickly as possible. Do this for one minute. Take a 30 second break and repeat two more times.
    • Get into pushup position and keep your abs tight. Lift your right foot to your chest and quickly switch with your left knee. Complete four times in a row and return to starting position. This is one rep. Take a 30 second break and repeat nine more times.
    • Repeat the exercises several times at your discretion, or build up to a longer workout over time.

After every exercise routine, remember to cool down and drink plenty of water.

Photo from Business Insider.


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  1. It’s really horrible there, speaking of the pollution. With a billion people in the country and Shanghai being one of the most populated places, it’s to be expected. I hope that they make a greener approach to things.

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