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Baby Boomer TravelSo, you may have noticed that Baby Boomers are not slowing down as they enter their Golden Years. Not one bit. And they’re hellbent on being able to continue to maintain an active lifestyle. Consequently, they’ve embraced exercise and wellness in an effort to maintain a high quality of life as they age.

Plus, as they enter retirement, they have time on their hands. So why not combine these health-oriented goals with a little travel?

In the past, Baby Boomers viewed wellness vacations as luxurious perks, but that might be changing. Aging adults are beginning to embrace a similar view held by their younger counterparts, one that perceives wellness as a necessity rather than an indulgence. And with the wellness tourism industry growing rapidly, we can only expect baby boomers to experience a little healthy wanderlust.

Not sure if you can benefit from a wellness trip? Here’s why you might:

  • You can improve your health physically and mentally. Travel can be extremely stressful at times, but there’s a reason why so many do it to take a break from the everyday norm. In fact, a study last year discovered that travel in general can improve your mental health. So why not merge a vacation with a fitness or other health-oriented activity to maximize the benefits?
  • You can meet a new health goal. Whether you want to start exercising more, lose weight, or learn new ways to relieve stress, a wellness trip can help you get started on the right track and teach you how to make permanent lifestyle changes to improve your overall well-being.
  • Try new things you’ve never done before. The way we perceive aging depends on our culture; some embrace it while others do everything in their power to avoid it. Either way, there’s nothing that will make you feel more alive than trying something new. Take up a new sport, learn tai chi, or go cycling around Amsterdam­— it’s up to you.
  • You can travel almost anywhere in the world. With wellness tourism on the rise, don’t be surprised to see new resorts and health-themed hotels popping up in countries all around the world. Fortunately, there are already plenty from which to choose. Go halfway around the world in pursuit of the best yogis, or only a few hours away from your hometown to a lavish spa.

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  1. I agree that wellness trips offer boomers the opportunity to take care of their health in a fun setting. And just in case you can’t afford a pricey spa or wellness center, create your own wellness trip. How do you do that? Create a plan before you go for exercise, eating right and relaxation. Pick a destination that speaks to you and off you go on a do-it-yourself wellness trip.

  2. I highly recommend I have been going every two years since 1999, participating in their 28 day Ayurvedic panchakarma program. My health has steadily improved (rather than declined) over the years!

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