Romantic Vacations

Whether you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day, planning your honeymoon, or hoping for a brief romantic getaway with your boo, finding the perfect destination that offers the right balance of charm and seclusion can be difficult.

While any trip is gong to be great as long as your love is there (cheesy, I know), here are the top romantic destinations around the world:

Bora Bora

(Image from Trip Advisor)

With a reputation of being one of the best honeymoon destinations out there, it’s no surprise that this island off the coast of Polynesia is a great spot for lovebirds. Enjoy a delicious dinner on the beach while watching the sun set, go for a relaxing boat ride along the crystal blue waters, or take a stroll along the white sandy beaches.


(Image from Karma Royal Group)

While this Indonesian island may be a popular tourist spot, couples can head to the more secluded resorts for an undisturbed romantic vacation. The Karma Kandara resort, for example, offers individual villas, private pools, and exclusive access to the beach. But if you dare to take a break from the pampered life, you can also explore local villages and get a taste of the peaceful, spiritual culture.

The Maldives